Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Little THUMP or Poker Riding

This morning I debated on going to Bristol for the annual poker ride, a small 32 mile ride that has a couple of small climbs in it, or installing the stereo system in the candy van. The stereo system won out. I was up very early "gutting" the candy van so I could either rip out the laminate and or finish installing the laminate all the way up to the front. I wasn't happy with it just going half way to the front. After I started I had more intricate cuts to do than in the passenger area, it was more time consuming to say the least. The stereo took less time to install that the flooring.

Here the new Kenwood 6 X 8's fill the stock speaker holes nicely! They sound ten times better too.

I'm getting very efficient at working on the van. After taking dang near every panel and interior piece out more than once the job goes quicker when I piddle around on it customizing it.
More pieces parts laying around. I wanted to make it look right so I ran wires and cables behind the panels and with the factory wiring harness.
There is a huge difference between the factory speaker and the Kenwoods for sure.

I'm really surprised that nothing was damaged under the extreme sensitive care that UPS gives all it's customers packages. I appreciate that the delivery person left it upstairs at my door but when it's raining? Dude, do you have any common sense? Oh, you do? Ahhh I see, you just don't give a dam! Now I get it! There's a perfectly good porch COVERED at the front door. Oh by the way there were stereo and electronics in the wet box.
Oh, riding? I haven't been on the bike in the last three days.... ALLERGIES! I thought I had slid by this years attacks. I usually get my allergy attacks in May but for some reason I wasn't bothered that bad this year. All of a sudden it hit's me now? I have a new BMC SpeedFox waiting on some new 10 speed shifters and it'll be ready for it's maiden voyage. Other than that there's the ETSU training crit in the morning that I'm going to give a shot. I see that it's only supposed to be 87 tomorrow, WOW!

LAter G.........................

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