Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Many times in one's life a person can look at things and only see the bad, remember perspective? I've been a little guilty of that this summer. I'm outspoken no doubt and I usually say what most people are thinking. I've always thought "say what's on your mind, sometimes its bad sometimes it's good, and no one will ever wonder where you stand". I'm not good at tact either, ugh... It would be easier if everyone could handle the truth.

Truth? You can't handle the truth! Sorry I couldn't resist this one, lol.

I'm thankful that I have good people in my life and many great friends. No one gets along with everyone all the time and I know that. Some people take things to heart more than others, some don't give a damn and some people are just _____. You fill in the blank. That's just the way some folks are so you must like it all because it's part of their character. I hurt some one's feelings today and I feel bad. I have no reason of understanding how/why they feel the way that they do but I respect it and honor it. I was always told by my Grandpa when you shake a man's hand give him a firm handshake. For some reason all this makes me think of his advice. Yea I'm in some kind of mood, I know you can tell.

Cycling folks are great people. I'm glad that I'm in a community of such good folks. So tonight I sit here..... Thankful!

LAter G..........................

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