Sunday, July 24, 2011


If I had known that this was going to have been my number I might have wanted to stay home! The way my morning started I could swear that the last digit shoulda been a 6!

I was to meet Matt at one stop along with Schyler but Schyler had to back out due to GF issues, no prob. Matt texted at the last minute "he was going to be late", no biggie I put a cushion in on the departure time. When he arrives he forgot his pedals so another trip home and then we get to leave at 630. Now the race starts at 8.... We get going and while zipping through Asheville I awoke one of NC's finest that fired up his computer to give me a speeding award, ouch. he was pretty cool though, he asked why we were in a hurry and told him we were late for the ORAMM, he knew what it was! He accelerated his ticket process to get us on our way and I thanked him for that. Now I have an ORAMM entry fee, gas and a $200 speeding ticket for this trip's expenses, nice. We pull in get kitted up and the gun goes off, I still have to do my food drop and get my #, wonderful. Matt and I leave 15 minutes behind. I have never had to go through the back of the pack at one of these type events, very interesting! There was more carbon high end bikes slugging up Kitsuma than 100 bikes shops could sell in a year, no bull. Most were being pushed and the ones that we did see being ridden were being ridden very timidly to say the least. So, to make a long boring story short here'e the main points...

- Started 15 min late!
- Jabbed stick "in" heel of foot to avoid idiot working on bike in middle of dh trail.
- Bee stung in groin
- Broken chain at 33 miles

(mystery rider) Hey you're missing a chain? (Me) What, really??? dang.

This is what I did while waiting for Matt after soaking in the creek for an hour, man it was hot. Ohh, I did have several Fat Tires too. I over consumed a bit too many, if I had not rested like this I couldn't have driven us home..... really! Beers go straight to your head after riding, whew.

Even through all the poor luck that I had I tried to change my karma by taking a bag to lost and found! It had a pair of Dragon Sidi's, a Bontrager helmet, a dirty kit and a nice bottle of wine. I dropped it off to one of the guys working the race and he said he would turn it in for me. It must have worked cuz I didn't get another ticket coming home... All in all I really enjoyed the ride. It's one of those races you really don't wanna do but you're glad you did after it's over.

LAter G.........................

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