Tuesday, October 18, 2011

29 BMC's ARE IN!

Well my ship came in! After waiting for about 7-8 weeks the UPS truck started unloading alot of boxes at the shop yesterday. B ordered alot of pre-season BMC's for sure. First thing I noticed when I dropped it off the stand after assembly; it was heavy thanks to that big phat fork on the front. That's already been remedied though just waiting on another brown truck.

What does a crazy cycling enthusiast do? Take it straight home and ride it you say? Lord no! "Take it straight home and strip it" says I. Easton goodies in the cockpit, my saddle, Mavic Crossmax wheels, my this, my that! Riding it would be for the next day when it's 80* in October! Where do I go? asks I. I thinks a bit....

I have four close choices; Buffalo (not by myself in the Candy Van - no explanations needed if you live here), ETSU (no that's tomorrow night with lights), Bays (mmmm maybe!), Warriors? hmmm haven't been there in a long while..... ok yes Warriors. One quick once over to make sure this and that is tightened and we're off.

It's such a warm beautiful day and the 20 minute drive over was soo pleasant. Down into the trail head and there are several other vehicles already there, nice! Gear up and pedal away. First thing is that fork again. I had it set about middle on the dampening adjustment and everytime I hit a root or bump it hisses like a pissed off cobra that had 1,000,000 Indians handling it. No not the Native Americans says I. After a few tweaks here and there, a saddle adjustment and a cable twist I had her set. I rode easy being on a new bike and such until I get to my fav part on Boneyard then I let go a little bit. The new BMC handles like the Niner, very nice! It climbs like the Niner which is good but I knew I would find something different between the two. In tight switchbacks I think the Niner has the upper hand but in the BMC's defense it has a poorer fork on it (for now). All in all I'm quite pleased and after I get the Fox F29 fork for it I think it will be as good or top the Niner EMD. I really do wish that BMC had stroked some color on the frame though.... mostly white?? really?? I would almost go with that Buick LaSabre red again..... nah I wouldn't! That's my biggest complaint about the bike, it is very white...YUK! True black and red BMC style is the way it should be in my tiny, unimportant, rude opinion. I may try to get some sign vinyl and see if I can fabricate some custom stripes for it later...

As for Warriors I made a post on FB it was like molded bread in which AC made fun of. It's become stale, very stale! There are more roots and rocks to ride on than dirt, no joke! That whole trail system is need of an overhaul, some sprucing up as one would say. Places where its very rough with rocks and roots peeps have started dropping down or above riding in new lines around that stuff. Problems in the making says I. I guess I'll stick to Bay's and ETSU since ETSU is where I do all my volunteer trail work nowadays. Sometimes I feel bad that my trail work volunteering has only been at ETSU but if we (ETSU cycling club) don't do it no one will so then I wipe that crazy non-sense outta my head. After Ben did his last little bit of magic on the trails before leaving for Ohio I honestly believe we have a trail system on campus as good or better than any trail system near us and when we get the new signage in.... well now it'll then be the bestest says I.

Says I has to go now and get some HW finished. I think it's due tomorrow?

LAter G.............................

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