Monday, October 24, 2011

No Racin' Just Ridin'

This week the MSG series had a bye week. No CX except for way over in NC. I'm not takin' the gas hog over there no way. What did I do for riding this weekend you ask? Well thanks for asking, I had to wrench a little on Saturday. B has been claiming it's been "shoulder to shoulder" for tha past several Saturdays and since I wasn't CX racin' he asked for me to help. It was busy but it wasn't "shoulder to shoulder". Schyler came in and got his 2012 Niner EMD, in black, and might I add the graphics are badass! 3 other Niners came in as well. It looks as if Niners are going to be all over the trails, like the BMC's are all over the road, it's a dam good bike they should be. I also got started on the very first Niner RDO build from the shop with a full XTR group, cha-ching $$$$$$$$$$$$!

After shop time I saddled up with Hammer, a local HT rider, and pedaled the bike towards Hampton Watershed Trails. I forgot about all the climbing that was over there but the beauty of the fall day quickly overcame those thoughts. I had time for a couple laps and Hammer kept the pace up so for a little over an hour it was a nice workout. After getting back home I had to put my nose back in the books if I wanted to ride again Sunday.

Sunday morning COB called and asked me to do a road ride, nope sorry goin' to Bays or somethin'. He agreed to join me so I swung by and picked him up at 1 and headed to the mountain. I was sooooo nice up there I'm mad at myself for not taking pics, lots of color! We passed alot of peeps on the trail and one even turned around and joined us. I took them across the new chesnut trail then over to Mountain Rd climbing the rough rocky double track up to Indian Pipes. COB had never ridden Pretty Ridge so that;s where I was taking him. Pretty Ridge is no doubt the most technical trail at Bays hands down. We managed to get down unscathed but there were soooo many trees down we had to take the goat path hike-a-bike up the ridge to get back to the creek bed. There were some huge trees laying on the ground down in that section so the goat trail looks as if that'll be the way out for a while. Almost 20 miles was had after downloading my Garmin info so it was a very good day. Thanks to COB and Steve for a nice ride yesterday!

Wednesday night 10/26 will be the first "wednesday night ride" at ETSU for anyone and everyone.

LAter G..........................

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