Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm a photgrapher...NOT

Now that I spend all my class time in the Digital Media Center at school there are certain tools I need for my trade. For a long time I've been wanting a really good camera to use for my classes and personal use too. I finally broke down and purchased the Canon T3. I wanted a little more but at the stage I'm at in Digital Media this will work for a couple of years or maybe longer.

This weekend I had to "work" the Kingsport UCI CX race - All I really did was set up a display with the new Focus brand CX bikes for everyone to see. I took three from the shop on Thursday night and Friday evening I had sold one already before I took them to the race on Saturday.

Some of the 1,000+ pics I took on Saturday didn't come out as great as I wanted but I still have to learn the zillion little tricks to my new camera. I do love the action shot mode! This thing will fill a memory card up so fast on continuous sport mode setting. At least I'll have something to keep me busy on the holiday break!

Jesse riding the barriers..... almost. Auto-focus grabbed the trees for this one.

Every one's fav CX rider... Eric Wondergem and 2012 MSG Pro Champion

Dr. Seek setting stuff on fire............

The Man, the legend....... Larry Bishop!

Just foolin' around with the Maxxis banner. They do make the BEST tires ever! Oh yea Wes, THEY DO!
Look at the frost! It was 25* Saturday morning when the first group rolled off the line.

Michael Stewart... one awesome rider and super cool guy!

After the race I wanted to stay and help with takedown but I still had to drive to Hampton to return the bikes and a couple other things at the shop. It was well after dark when I got home then out with the books for more cramming for finals. It was hard sitting at the race and not being able to compete. I did ride D-Wayne's Stevens CX bike over to give Seek a pair of gloves during his race. I was really surprised that my ankle let the cranks go round and round with little discomfort. Maybe there will be some riding sooner than I thought, come on ankle...

Later G................

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