Monday, December 5, 2011

Traveling to Cheese Land

On January 2, 2012 I will hook the ETSU trailer up to a ETSU vehicle and head north. For the first time in ETSU Cycling history we will have students competing in USAC Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals. The bad thing is we are going to be there all week! Due to the school's driving times restrictions we can't make the drive in one sitting behind the wheel legally so we'll have to stop and do an overnighter somewhere.That makes the duration of this trip 7 days at least.

Madison Wisconsin in January should provide some frigid temps too. Somehow I have qualified to race in the non-championship event on the first day but I doubt I will since I haven't been riding any for the last two weeks due to the ankle injury. I would like to race on a Nationals course in cross just to say that I have though, you know.... a "mini" bucket list moment?

Above is what the course is going to look like........... just add snow probably.

Got to get...... studying for finals coming up soon.

LAter G..............

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