Monday, February 13, 2012

Lime Green Baby

O.M.G. I saw this on Bikerumor and about flipped my lid. Niner bringing back the lime green! This time its with the RDO carbon hardtail (race bike) and it's lighter than the Air9 carbon! I really miss my Niner EMD in "Buick LaSabre Red", that's hot tamale for all you's out in rio-linda.

BUT............... we all know that it'll be December before anyone is seen riding on one that's a normal everyday Joe. The only thing I dislike is the rear disc brake mount. Yes it allows them to make the rear triangle stronger but if you've yet to bolt a disc brake inside a triangle like this... it's tight, not impossible but tight! My China-2Ninea has the same rear stays.

I think alot of manufacturers are going to these style stays too. More and more frames are coming out with those slant type intersections of seat and chain stays. I like mine except for the tight mounting spaces for the disc brake.

Inventory is complete at the shop.... glad that's over.

Winter decided it missed the boat in East Tennessee so I guess winter figured it would make up for lost time and dropped the mercury to 11* (that's -11.5 Celcius for you A.C.) for the low this weekend snowing like crazy but nothing would stick. They're calling for more tonight!

IRON MAN fever has struck out little part of Tennessee. EVERY time you read a post on FB someone is going to do an IRON MAN. There are quite a few Tri-Athletes in our area so I think that when a few of them started doing them everyone else thinks they should jump on board too, ridiculous... More idiots running aero bars in our group rides to make it even more dangerous, that's what I see coming. Why yes, I think aero bars are unsafe in group rides! There are about only 3 people I trust to ride with running aero bars; one's a doctor and the other two...... that's all I'm sayin'.

Later G..............

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