Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maybe Not the Bestest Way?



If you don't know me I want to let you know somethin' bout myself. I'm usually taken the wrong way most of the time, I don't care. You have to care about the opinions of those you offend for it to bother doesn't bother me. I'm that guy that actually says what most people think. That's just me take it or leave it. It's not that I don't give a damn, it's that somethings NEED to be said and since I have a rep for being a smartass, rude, no tact and whatever else there is I don't mind being the mouthpiece. I would rather be disliked for what I am than liked for what I'm not. I start this blog from an NTMBA Twitter post.... You have to find the Dicky link down below to read what this is all about then come back and finish the rest of my post. Sorry - I lay this out the way I want - not what's easiest... ;-)

This brings me to another point of all this BS. I don't care if you don't like the local MTB club! Go tell them what you like or dislike. Don't vent on me. I don't care!!!!!! All my time is spent helping the ETSU college team and maintaining campus trails while I'm attending school, that's where my focus is and where I choose to "give back" at this time in my life. Apparently our local MTB club the NTMBA has problems getting volunteers out for trail building and have resorted to a Team Dicky post to get the numbers up. Yea, shame and guilt will help a dying cause!! cough, cough. Yea, I really wanna hang with those peeps! They're always alternatives.... click here NOT! Now....please email your dislikes, complaints or whatever to the NTMBA, not me, I won't be forwarding them!

People ride trails that's a fact! Most people don't have a damn clue how they were started, what it takes to build a trail, acquire the land for a trail or any of the red tape involved. Alot of people think it's their tax dollars at work and that some over budgeted govt. agency has provided it for them to use and enjoy. You can't change people! If they are interested in giving back they WILL seek you out! That's why we at ETSU do it ourselves! I think I've had a total of two people in the last two years ask if we need assistance (see what I mean?) (Then again Ben was a one man trail making machine!) Not complaining mind ya... just stating the fact to make a point.

We also have a voice in D.C. through IMBA and a couple other groups so joining them helps out in ways we don't see either.

In closing.....join the club NTMBA! ETSU's 5+ miles of trail are maintained by the cycling club and cycling club alone - that's it! There are only 22 members and only 16 are active. (meaning; ones that will get off their butt, work the trails and get dirty) 15,000+ students, more if you count faculty, have these trails at their disposal and the majority don't have a clue who, what, where, how or why. Yes, we could get out and campaign to get assistance but we can have the work finished before we were through with PR plus that's more hours of work for so little people. Like I said before,"The ones that want to help will seek you out".

This is the first time I've aired my dirty laundry about this because it's just wasted air. The ones that do work just suck it up and do what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. They don't complain, ask for help, whine or bitch about it..... it just gets done! I'm through bitchin' Soooo in Nike's best ever commercial..........let's JUST DO IT!

LAter G..............

Disclaimer: If I offended anyone or caused any discomfort I apologize,..... crybaby.

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