Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After this weekend's events I feel like the Garmin Team. Raise arm, pump fist!
My pics are no where in any order or laid out proper so I'll apologize in advance.

These pics are early just before the place started hopping with all the riders. Bonnie Kate even provided 'bike parking' so riders wouldn't have to lay their bikes all over the place. I'm really surpised that more of the 'racer' rider base didn't show. To be honest many riders lose touch with what cycling's really about.... just riding your bike!
 Below this guy could really pick and sing. He's opened for Willie Nelson someone said but I never caught his name so I apologize. After we loaded up the van and the truck we sat back with a brewski and enjoyed several songs trying to relax after a very long weekend.
 Oh BTW, if you like coffee flavored porters.............. OMG! Yum!
This is Hannah below. The master mind behind the Bonnie Kate Bike Bash. She did an amazing job getting this together and it was her forst one too! She had food, local vendors, 4 bands with great music and so many happy antendees!
Friday night kicked the cycling weekend off with a big bang. Asheville CX was hosting for the second year in a row 'night CX' during the Mountain sports festival. It was sooo freakin hot! Plenty of sand, beer and Asheville locals to keep everyone entertained. I even witnessed a little girl on girl action up front at the stage.
Some ran the volleyball sand pit and some rode it, I was amongst the ones that rode it. It was pretty ;ong and it sucked what little energy I had out of me each lap. I did race the B class but I should have been in the beginner's 30 minute race. I actually think there were only 5 "real" beginneers out of the 25-30 or so in that class. Yes, I heckled the front 10 or so pretty hard during their race too!
Saturday was Pedalfest but I have the pics all jacked up so here are some from the Bike BAsh in Elizabethton on Monday evening below.
This was pretty cool. Racers, walkers, weekend warriors, bike enthusiasts, neighborhood block riders, families, classics, dept store bikes.... you name it and it was there at the Bike Bash. There was nearly 100 riders, not counting others that weren't riding, attending the event just having fun pedaling around through town.

Ole Jason got so into the event he sat down and had his face painted to match his kit. I think he just wanted to get closer to the hot chick doing the face painting.
Mr. Dillow (aka; Iron Man Dillow) brought out his secret weapon for this ride....

I kept my comments to myself for the pic above. There's a group in town that have labeled themselves "the JC Bike Party" and they are pretty much a political activist group that use bicycles to try and get their points made, not to sure it's working for them...
This is the back half of the group above. The small 5 mile ride went by pretty fast because everyone was having a blast. We rode through the covered bridge and no one wrecked !
Ahhh, Pedalfest pictures. These pics were all I had time to snap because I was busy when it was crowded with the riders. I was pretty stoked that Austin, since he's got his drivers license now, was able to help this year! We had almost 70 'paying/donating' riders.....
Big thanks to a new sponsor "Off the Grid Adventures" for providing free paddle board rentals to two lucky raffle winners at our event. Food City provided all the great food. Bonnie Kate, Gardens to Go and Hampton Trails provided all the sweet raffle prizes. EVERYONE won a raffle prize at our event thanks to our great sponsors!
Thats's all the pics I could wrangle at this time, sorry. The weekend was superb! Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on the bike. Thanks to everyone that made this weekend great!

LAter G.............................

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