Tuesday, July 31, 2012


OK where do I start? I would say that I have to apologize for not posting much this month even after summer classes ended.

First, I acquired the "jett" from a collegiate cycling coach friend and have been commuting to work and school for a few weeks. The gas this thing saves is phenomenal!

Being the 'used car dealer', that some have tagged me, I used this for a while then sent it on to a new home. Why? Well that's just what I like to do, it's fun. Also it allows me to trade up for things with no cost to me except my time. I have my eye on this bike below and I'm supposed to pick this up later this month. A superMoto! I've pined for one of these for a very long time and it's a little surreal that one will be in the garage soon. A sad moment though, I had to sacrifice the BMC TE01 26" to raise funds for the purchase. 26" bike market is fixing to take a huge hit in value with the new injection of 27.5 (650b) bikes hitting the market this fall and next. I cashed in good too by selling the little BMC, whew. The second coming of 650b isn't going to fail like last time...... just wait and see!

Talk about lucky! B has got another company to show up with a truck and trailer full of demo bikes for our area to test ride! This time is Santa Cruz! Yea, I toot Hampton Trails horn alot, I'm bias but I haven't seen any other local shops get one of their suppliers bring in a truck load of bikes for the community to test on actual trails. Also, being in the position I'm in, it allows me to show off the ETSU trail system to the locals. Many people have put thousands of trail hours in to making the ETSU trails primo.

I recently read of a new trail system opening in Brevard, NC. Something to get ya a quick 8-10 miles in after work during the week? That's the buzz that I've been reading about this trail. I hope to get over and check it out soon.

Short track has been getting a solid turnout each week. There are alot of riders that 'used' to come but haven't made it out this year yet though. A couple of us have been working on making it a little more technical and we've actually got to add a tiny bit of singletrack to it. The mileage is up to .48mi now which is pretty good for short track. The double is twice as high and I've been surprised how many a rider this has 'scared?' off and making them choose the ride around B line. Maybe scared is a harsh word?
With all the storm damage on the trails, my meager training program and trying to get the team ready for our collegiate MTB season my energy level feels like the gauge shows below. chugga chugga .. pow!

On a personal note; the picture below pretty much sums up a big part of my summer. If a person can't or won't choose to act the same way they ask you to act - well............. respect given must be reciprocated if you want respect in return, duh. The dumbfounding part is they are incapable of understanding this. Quite sad! Nevertheless I made my decision and will continue to stick to it......... walking away with no regrets. Lesson learned.

Guess what????? It's almost cyclocross time! Oh yes it is! Just a couple more months and the first race will take to the grass at Kingsport for a two day event. It should be a blast as usual although this will interfere with our Brevard collegiate race. I may have to send a couple of guys in my place and attend the MSG series. We had a very informal competition on kit design and mine lost (sob sob). We ended up with this Pharma/Omega roadie knock off from Tony. I really like the baby blue but white and anything dirt related don't mix. Tony gets it honest though he's a roadie by heart, not a mountain biker. I'm working on him though.

So onto another discipline of bikes..... BMX! I've been able to get back down to my local track in Morristown, TN a few times lately. I really love racing the little bikes so much. I'm incorporating my sprint workout into my motos and so far its working out well. It also help there are younger kids that I'm having to race thus making me push myself. My buddy Bret came up from Knoxville to watch this weekend and I was able to pull a win in the main against a pretty fast kid about half my age. He was spankin' my but in the early motos and I figured I would get a 2 spot at the end but I was pleasantly surprised with the main result.

LAter G.................................

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