Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Riding

After many hours of destroying my own tools keeping up the campus trails my supervisor broke down and bought me new tools to knock down the weeds on the trail. I've never used 4-stroke weedeaters before so I hope they hold up. There's also a couple of rogue hoes coming too. Christmas early for trail advocacy!

I got an email a few months back with an invitation to come race a grass roots race deep in Pisgah. The little town is called Balsam Grove. It's also waaaaaaayyyyy back in there too. I finally took him up on a race fee comp and headed over Saturday morning for one of his 6 hr races. The course was 6 miles long and had several short punchy climbs. The mud was thick and sticky in some areas too after the heavy rains the night before. I managed 38 miles before ripping my rear derailleur off in a nice crash taking a full head first digger into the dark Pisgah dirt. Thus, I got to leave a couple hours early and head home. Since I wasn't in any rush I "stopped to smell the roses" as they say up on the mountain. I so wanted to stay, roll the windows down, and take a nice nap with the wind blowing through moto-van. I opted for pics instead....

Sunday I rolled over to the crit in Johnson City where our local road club was hosting their omnium that they hold every year called The Roan Groan. I was able to help in course set-up and take-down. The turnout was a tad off this year and all the classes had perfect weather except the pro 1/2 field. About half way through the ain let go and the Pro 1/2 class went from 67 riders to 25. They were wrecking everywhere, it was bad. Below on the podium my bud Sheedz ended up with a 3rd place overall in the Pro omnium. I had to pick at the podium shot from the promoter..... backwards, lol.

LAter G..............

It was a pretty fun weekend. The whole gang was hanging out together again, getting along and no animosities. We were even doing a little CX heckling. This fall season looks to be back to normal and fun again..... I really hope so.

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