Sunday, July 21, 2013


To say it's been wet around here lately is an understatement! Poor Asheville, NC is worse off than we are though. I think they've had rain everyday for the last two weeks! Poor trails. This is a street near campus. The white stuff rolling up that maroon trash can is the water running in the street heading for the drains. There's also a pond in that person's back yard. I passed a big trash can doing about 10 mph down the street a few moments later.

Yes, I'm a tad dedicated..... I used this heavy rainy period to watch the drainage of the section of trail I've been working on all week. The water was running quickly.

I cleaned out the eroded water bar and set a few small stones in the lower side of the bar to aid and force the water off the trail quicker. The bar was full of sediment that had worked its way down the trail and settled in the water bar.

It now doing a better job and doing what its intended to do. This section is so rocky along here that its quite difficult to dig here deep.

Well at least you can walk through this muddy section now. I played 'hop-scotch' on the rocks helping them set into the mud. .............. Rain, rain go away....

One of the guys mounted a camera in the trees and set it to time lapse mode. Click on the picture below and you'll see us knock this out in just a few seconds! It's going to take you to the ETSU facebox page so that you can view it.

All this water sucks. Seems like all I get to do is ride the skinnies lately. My mountain bike is screaming at me each time I pass it in the garage.
LAter G...................

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